Friday, 20 February 2015

Lunar New Year & New starts

With the passing of Lent and the Lunar New Year, the emphasis for me has definitely on new routines and fresh beginnings.

I have been squirreled away most of the year however I am spending a lot of time reading peoples blogs and on social media which may have been too much of a substitute for real life interaction however sometimes we all need that hibernation time


For now though it is obviously time to start stretching and planning things.
One of the twitter peeps @atanae posted a link which got me thinking :

Since then I have been flitting between the 2-5 range which means at least my blogs are seeing a bit of a refresh.

So after some google+ inspiration and in the spirit of 'learn a new thing' I thought I would share my first messy attempt at some crochet stitches.

 Myinspiration - Yvonne Mabbott who has been creating a 365 day blanket and the update pictures are so lovely and colourful.

Crochet - Beginner stitch

Crochet - Single crochet

First attempt

Unravelled and 2nd attempt

I am glad to see my friend and fellow blogger is already embracing the 'New start' idea too so I am looking forward to hearing her new findings from a new course. Here is the link if you want to check it out too

Now as for my own goals for the month, I need to squeeze in a visit or 2 to some art galleries for an essay and would like to time to catch up on some craft bits.

Theme challenges that are incoming are:

Love - Any media

Love magic -Clay

Although if I want to get them included i had better get my skates on!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

One Boomkin & a Money Tree

The New Year has started or just about to restart dependent upon your calendar,  and I thought it high time I updated the blog with some crafty gifts which can now be shown.

For my geeky side of things I had wanted to try my hand at another plushie since the previous fire spirit was fun to make. So keeping the same Warcraft theme and using some felt again I set to work trying to create a gift for a friend who had a moonkin (aka boomkin) character.

For those of you not total geeks then this is what a moonkin should look like:

Moonkin with baby moonkin
Mine however was created using a bit of artistic license, and is more based on the baby than the adult :D

I only actually took photos of the finished article however the felt was pretty much cut freehand and hand stitched so it was a definite one off.

Hangin with me Owlie

The other project I had was to find a gift for a friend's wedding. I had wanted to get them something special but at the same time I knew that some money would probably be the best gift for them: but money in a card just looks a bit like no effort put in. So I started to look for ways to present money better.

Then I stumbled upon this video:

I had some practice with paper and once I could do that, I used the notes instead. Then for the flowers I curled the corners of some folded notes with a tooth pick , but they needed a base. Which lead me to the idea of creating a money tree.


So one plastic tree, some wire and hot glue later and I had created my own version of a money tree.

 I was happy it was well received. They even thought it was something I had bought  :)