Saturday, 26 April 2014

Got to start somewhere...

So finally I got around to having a play around with some of the clay I had stocked up. For these I used Fimo Basic Air dry and went along with the Alice in Wonderland inspiration.

My first air dry clay creation:

He is going to need a bit of paint after he fully dries

Then I decided to go a bit more adventurous and set to work on a rabbit. It took a few tries to get  something that was starting to resemble a rabbit!

 The ears needed to be blended better so I am on the hunt for something which might work better than what I have.

Starting to take form but he looked a little too bare

A wax carving hook helped to create the texture for his tail.

Then I felt he needed some clothes to keep him warm and add a bit of movement

A head pin to help keep his stop watch in place

I am quite pleased with how he worked out even if he is a bit rough round the edges & looks a little more Indiana Jones than the Wonderland rabbit :D

Thursday, 3 April 2014

A new arrival..

So to add to my ever growing 'I'll get around to it' crafting pile, today I happily received my new bundle of promise.

Today I am the proud curator of this beauty

My new Sizzix Big shot.

Now I couldn't very well put this in the cupboard without a little play on it so I had to test out the new toy.

I opted for the starter kit so I would be able to jump straight into things and I decided to try out the medium dies first, using the supplied card. The loud cracking noise as the plates went through the rollers didn't sound too healthy, however the outcome was a lovely butterfly.

I did discover that I will need to get a tool to poke out and smarten up the holes for the smaller dies in future, as there was nothing in the kit for this. so I set about trying to delicately pop out the bits of card but the smaller places proved too fragile and I ended up with a butterfly with torn wings underneath.

Next I moved on to the Bigz die, and decided that I would try using material to see how well it cut.

The machine had no problem cutting the material in fact I think the material would have worked better if it were thicker or starched beforehand. 

The embossing plate

Using the framelits
I did notice that the cutting sheet on top took a bit of a pounding for these few goes, and wondered why they had not just put rubber on the cutting pads. Guess i will have to invest more soon ;) 

Overall I am very happy with my new machine and after some more window shopping I see that there is a rubber protector available to buy (although it seems daft not to have one included in the start up kit). 

So I now have a new job lot of goodies on the wish list .... this is going to hurt my bank account ;)