Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 17 & 18

Two more for the catch up, I think the other two can wait for over the weekend..

Day 17 - Taxi

Day 18 - Map & legend

Catch up Day 16

So it's been a busy week and looking to be a busy weekend so here is the first catch up

The day 16 prompt was Skyline

I did start a sketch at work of my outside skyline but it felt a little too depressing so I waited and then inspiration struck

Vin Diesel! *wolf whistles* .. er I mean Fast car chase films sure

So here is my Skyline

Yer ok so it's a Nissan Skyline it's not cheating..

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day 14 & 15

Okies all caught up, some classical music and an afternoon of drawing and reading magazines has been lovely and relaxing.

I did find out that I need to have a lot more practice if I want realistic proportion though...or just a lot more practice drawing overall. Funny how when you are a kid its something you want to do all the time but being an adult means that you wait for a nudge to do so.

Well thank you Spoonchallenge for giving me the nudge, and one more week to go :)

I thought I would also include my failed cat drafts too - 

Attempting a Zulian tiger from game graphics is bad

WoW merged with He-man? Hmmm

Final piece for Prompt- CAT
Cartoon cat it is then!

For Day 15 the prompt was Fish:

My offerings for this were

Got to love a Dory!
Ah I love Dory - always reminds me of my mother somehow haha

Day 13

Ok so running late with this one and I have another 2 prompts to catch up with but I think sometimes it's best to do things when you feel like it rather than feeling you have to.

So today I managed to clear a small space on the craft desk in order to spread out my pencils and create..or in this case copy ;)

For beetle I was thinking ladybug or scarab beetle maybe...something that would not creep me out to draw. But whilst looking into some Dürer prints I stumbled across this inspiration:

Albrecht Dürer 

So not as good of course but here is my version :)

This was the drawing with water colour pencils,
which I was going to leave alone as I was scared 
of ruining it with the paint.

However I decided to go for it after all and I am
happy with the outcome. Never used the black before
and the colour was so intense but just right for
this stag beetle.

Onto the next prompt :)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 12


Ok then the prompt was Hedgehog, but still, I am loving this animal theme.

Went back to the pencils for this one as it's easier to make spikes with them :D

My offering for Day 12:

Fingers crossed for an otter or an owl ... 

Ooo I almost forgot I have a matching sharpener for this sketch too ... well it made me smile anyhow :)

Day 11

I was nearly late for this one as I am growing so used to being a day behind, but a friend reminded me.

Well actually I was wondering why she wanted to draw a platypus .. but then I realised this was actually the Spoonchallenge prompt.

So here is my somewhat evil looking platypus:

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day 10

The prompt for Day 9 was toast.

I was not feeling very inspired yesterday and managed a lackluster doodle or two


So I left it overnight and now after watching Vikings (and quite a dramatic and wincing episode) I feel a bit more inspired for this prompt.

My late offering is now:


Friday, 15 August 2014

Day 9

The prompt for Day 9 called for Tea.

I started out trying to create the drawing in water colour pencils; which didn't work out as I sketched it on thin paper rather than water colouring paper .. oops.

So then I started a sketch with a comedy style teapot, however after my boyfriend commented on it's spout looking like an elephant I gave up on that idea too. Well I adapted it anyhow..

Here is my finished piece of er tea inspired art

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Day 8

Short and sweet today the prompt was arrow. Though I did continue with the week theme of text and gave homage to a meme.

Just incase anyone is confuddled by this


Day 7

Posting a little behind however Day 7 prompt was use of Book. I had thought I would try and find out my Alice in Wonderland copy for a big picture but after running out of time it got squished down to a doodle of a book. But I did sneak a rabbit in at least ;)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Er Day 6

So obviously this will look a short month but even creative souls need weekends off! :P

The challenge is running prompts from Monday - Friday however I will stick with the numbering days now.

And this week we have something a bit different a a prompt. Using text in our drawings and todays prompt Lemon just kept bring me back to Meatloaf being stuck in my head.

And just incase this is confusing
Meatloaf's Lemon inspiration

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Day 5

The quick late night scribble to catch up :D

Oh the prompt was river..

Friday, 8 August 2014

Day 4 meh

Today the prompt was landscape and I tried but couldn't finish the 'sensible' one

My mind is in a strange place today hence my landscape offering will be:

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 3

Day three equals tree!

Do you think they did that to make it rhyme? :D

Well just a simple drawing today but a chance to try out my new Sharpies

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 2 Spoonchallenge

Today the prompt was mountain. I had thought that a nice grey sketch might pass for a rock but the pencils had managed to escape! Guess I will find them at some point soon under a mound of new craft stuff or stuffed down the back of a chair ...its not mess it's creativity, honest.

So water colour pencils to the rescue for today:

Monday, 4 August 2014

Taking up a challenge month

After dipping my toe in the waters of drawing again, I feel I should at least try to make a small effort to get used to trying to draw something...anything really.

Then I stumbled upon Spoonflower who not only sell a fab range of materials but also are hosting a monthly challenge to try and give people like me some inspiration (and an emailed nudge) to create something.

So the plan is to post up a pic throughout the days of August with a theme suggested by the Spoonchallenge. Be it a doodle or an actual picture, I think it is at least a step in the right direction to boost creativity.

If you would like to join me then here is the link:
Spoonchallenge for August

And here is my first offering for the theme of Cactus