Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day 13

Ok so running late with this one and I have another 2 prompts to catch up with but I think sometimes it's best to do things when you feel like it rather than feeling you have to.

So today I managed to clear a small space on the craft desk in order to spread out my pencils and create..or in this case copy ;)

For beetle I was thinking ladybug or scarab beetle maybe...something that would not creep me out to draw. But whilst looking into some Dürer prints I stumbled across this inspiration:

Albrecht Dürer 

So not as good of course but here is my version :)

This was the drawing with water colour pencils,
which I was going to leave alone as I was scared 
of ruining it with the paint.

However I decided to go for it after all and I am
happy with the outcome. Never used the black before
and the colour was so intense but just right for
this stag beetle.

Onto the next prompt :)