Saturday, 26 April 2014

Got to start somewhere...

So finally I got around to having a play around with some of the clay I had stocked up. For these I used Fimo Basic Air dry and went along with the Alice in Wonderland inspiration.

My first air dry clay creation:

He is going to need a bit of paint after he fully dries

Then I decided to go a bit more adventurous and set to work on a rabbit. It took a few tries to get  something that was starting to resemble a rabbit!

 The ears needed to be blended better so I am on the hunt for something which might work better than what I have.

Starting to take form but he looked a little too bare

A wax carving hook helped to create the texture for his tail.

Then I felt he needed some clothes to keep him warm and add a bit of movement

A head pin to help keep his stop watch in place

I am quite pleased with how he worked out even if he is a bit rough round the edges & looks a little more Indiana Jones than the Wonderland rabbit :D