Monday, 14 July 2014

Water colour pencils

When I was younger I loved to draw and always wanted to try my hand at painting however it was often a messy affair and consequently replace by 'magic painting' as soon as possible. For anyone that doesn't know this basically means using water to paint over some grey pictures to release the colour. So as a kid I was pretty happy with that but it does mean that now I still feel like a small child when attempting to use grown up paints.

Then I started to notice more craft projects were using water colour pencils and wondered if these would help me get back my art groove, and I am glad to say that I am now a convert!

Well thanks to some great inspiration and tutorial videos found on the net.

The pack of pencils from WHSmith that are currently on sale

Video tutorial from the fantastic Frugal Crafter:

My efforts after watching the video

And beginning to get a little more practice; inspired by Leonardo Pereznieto

Before adding the water
After the water & added a border of blue around the fish

 My thanks go out especially to -

 Bob Davies for showing the basics:

Lindsay The Frugal Crafter - For an amazing assortment of craft tutorials & an addictive blog <3

Leonardo Pereznieto for sharing videos on his fantastic artwork