Monday, 1 September 2014

Challenges for September

Since I feel that I work better with a goal in mind, for September I will shall be participating on some craft challenges already set by other craft blogs/pages which I enjoy.

Firstly Susan Owenby (Google community) has a fantastic idea for producing any type of craft that is Geeky and you are passionate about... so there is an amazing scope for ideas here. Due by 15th September:

Also check out her awesome craft blog here: The Bored Zombie

Secondly the wonderful blog & facebook group by Aniko Kolesnikova is hosting the monthly competition and for September the theme is Cute animals. Since air-dry clay is also allowed then I shall be contributing this time around instead of just watching from the sidelines. Though the creations by this group are really worth looking at anyhow :)

My Clay Fantasy Blog

Also check out Aniko's fabulous work here: The Mandarin Duck

 So those are two community challenges for this month but I am also adding one of my own and that is to watch some tutorials and have a practice with some wire work jewellery. I had a little play for the first time today and created this inspired by my friend Hels who I also think might join in with the geeky challenge this month.

Check out her blog here:  Creative Chaos

Hels inspired necklace

A little messy but we all need to start somewhere. This necklace was centred around some pretty buttons I found :)