Friday, 26 September 2014

September air dry clay

After the fun of the Geek challenge, it was time to dig out the air-dry clay and see if it was still usable after so long; I'm amazed to say that it was! Hooray for Fimo :D

Fimo Air Dry Clay 

So the challenge for September if you remember was to make a cute animal however it appears that I couldn't tame my thoughts in time to meet this.
After several attempts and squashed animals I thought I should use the clay as it was starting to dry out after all the use so I came up with this little witch and her companion cat.

Yes I know that it might look like a sheep but it is supposed to be a cat *blushes* .. I made a few curls on his neck to start with and it looked ok but after adding more I realise now that it looks more like some kind of sheep oops.

Witch and her sheep er cat
I slept on it and tried again but the cute animal just didn't want to come out of hiding so I ended up with ..

Baby Vampire Goblin???

After this the feet at least inspired me to think oh I could make a cute rabbit: but I ended up with

Is that a pumpkin or a garlic?

Then finally I managed to think up this little guy ..

Hi ho, hi ho

It's off to work we go

A little mole all ready for digging his next hole!

I am still waiting for him to dry out properly so he can have some colour added to his cheeks :)

A little late for the challenge but still on track for September goals so I am happy and that leaves me with the weekend to honour my own challenge of playing around with some wire.