Saturday, 7 February 2015

One Boomkin & a Money Tree

The New Year has started or just about to restart dependent upon your calendar,  and I thought it high time I updated the blog with some crafty gifts which can now be shown.

For my geeky side of things I had wanted to try my hand at another plushie since the previous fire spirit was fun to make. So keeping the same Warcraft theme and using some felt again I set to work trying to create a gift for a friend who had a moonkin (aka boomkin) character.

For those of you not total geeks then this is what a moonkin should look like:

Moonkin with baby moonkin
Mine however was created using a bit of artistic license, and is more based on the baby than the adult :D

I only actually took photos of the finished article however the felt was pretty much cut freehand and hand stitched so it was a definite one off.

Hangin with me Owlie

The other project I had was to find a gift for a friend's wedding. I had wanted to get them something special but at the same time I knew that some money would probably be the best gift for them: but money in a card just looks a bit like no effort put in. So I started to look for ways to present money better.

Then I stumbled upon this video:

I had some practice with paper and once I could do that, I used the notes instead. Then for the flowers I curled the corners of some folded notes with a tooth pick , but they needed a base. Which lead me to the idea of creating a money tree.


So one plastic tree, some wire and hot glue later and I had created my own version of a money tree.

 I was happy it was well received. They even thought it was something I had bought  :)