Sunday, 12 April 2015

Swapbox for CampNaNoWriMo - Part 2

Carrying on with the rest of the swap box (see part 1 for more details)

I really did want to include a folder in the writers survival kit as I think they are always useful to have around when you have a project or even just to scribble some notes in.

I did initially want to mock up a Lord of the Rings type folder however my printer was broken so that idea had to be scrapped. And although I was trying to be good and stick to the likes/dislikes list I went a little rogue on this one. In my defence it is violet and still adheres to the no pink n skulls rule so hopefully it will be liked still.

I had some inspirational type papers from a +Mollie Makes magazine which I thought would fit well as a cover. Yes, I also found some matching washi tape, this one was from Dragon Chant

The cute buttons come from Bluebell crafts

And the bow I made using some felt, a +sizzix Bow die and a Papermania brad  (which I notice are on sale, hmm excuse me whilst I shop)

Inside I added a shiny butterfly topper which I had in my supplies and decided to add a writing pad, plain paper, some note cards and a few plastic wallets inside. Along with a couple of cute clips and  purple marker (I hope this passes the non neon rule)

I also had some amusing Roahl Dahl notecards so I placed a few at the rear of the folder as a little extra surprise :)

Whilst thinking about other things needed for a writers survival kit, I figured that some kind of drinks were needed and we had already discussed our lack of love for coffee and I wasn't sure about tea. However since it is a Camp theme I got to thinking that some hot chocolate & marshmallows should at least be offered. 

So I found a chocolate style cup which would fit in the hot chocolate powder, and recycled a box that I had kept hold of. Using another +sizzix die to make some flags for decoration (the paper was from a craft magazine but not sure which one).

I added some tissue paper and a white ribbon not only to make it look nice but also to hope that it would travel the distance better being tied down and cushioned
I did have an issue though ....... the only marshmallows I could get were in a pink packet!
So I had to hide that :D

To finish up I used some cellophane and tied it with bakers twine from +The Works which is good value when you want a selection rather than whole reels. And the tag was made with a small framelits arch and decorated with Rangers liquid pearls in copper pearl. The cup stamp I am sure was free with another craft magazine that I can't remember (which was possibly the same as the paper used)

For the gaming theme I decided to practise a bit of sewing, I set about drawing an outline to make up a plushie. It kind of looks like a Mr Man in this form but it isn't I promise...

This was all free hand and hand stitched so it may be a little rough around the edges but at least it is definitely a unique piece *winks*


The feet were pushed through after being stiched and pinned to the inside to make the sewing around the edges a bit easier to do.

After filling him with stuffing though I had wished that I had started the stitching from the sides so there wouldn't be so much outer stitching on show. However once the outer later of felt was added it didn't look as bad as I feared it would, 

The face and markings were added using some embroidery thread, and here he is the happy little mascot ready to cheer his writer along :)

For those of you non Pokemon fan viewers may I present the original Togepi

Image source:

One last thing to put in the kit to help get through those long days and nights writing a novel, had to be something to keep the happiness levels in place -- of course it is chocolate!

Being close to Easter I had managed to pick up some Milkybar bunnies as my camp buddy had stated that she had liked white chocolate and they were going to just get wrapped and packaged. 

That was until it hit silly o clock and my brain went into crazy mode and I had this wonderful idea that I would put the bunnies in a camping scene ... Well it is for CampNaNoWriMo after all!

So I set about making a little teepee and decided that the bunnies would be dressed up as kids do playing cowboys and indians. The campfire was horrid to make as I didn't really have time to plan so I just used what was to hand which was a wood skewer, some felt and some glue. And more time than it should have to piece together...Please note future camp mates that I am really bad at setting up camp fires! 

Though I cannot tell you how much I was giggling whilst creating these little costumes for the bunnies. The moustache alone had me in a tiny fit of the giggles for a while  *grins*

Then I layered up the back of a box with some Milky bars (placed in with glue dots so the chocolate will be fine don't worry) and some tissue paper for the ground. My finished piece looked something like:

The writing was a bit shabby but it was early morning hours with no sleep by this point, and it's only a box to throw away anyhow. So I am letting myself get away with it :)

All I can say is I really hope that these items get shipped safely. The bunnies were packed out with so much but I think it may well fall apart upon the opening. Still at least we have some pictures now to show the original intention.

*waves a CampNaNoWriMo flag*