Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Crafty Catch Up

After being a little quiet on the crafting front I thought I might introduce you to my new love - felting. After flitting between all types of crafts I think I might have found the most therapeutic and enjoyable type for me.

Since I don't really have much space to craft (mostly because of all the crafting materials bursting the cupboard seams), I have found that felting is the perfect type of crafting to have on a small portion of desk. It's something I can even do using a lap tray which means it's even possible from a comfy sofa or bed - result.

When I first began felting I thought that using a premade kit with instructions would be the best way to start, yet as (probably) expected I really couldn't stick to the plan in practice. This really wasn't a reflection on the kit but more my own non crafting commitment issues: the kit I found was wonderful and I would recommend Bear Creek Design which I found on Etsy a few years back. The standard of the kit is great and it really did include everything I needed to launch a love of felting from.

The kit I chose was supposed to make a rabbit and included some good quality Romney wool which was lovely to work with and leaves a realistic furry finish. 

The Kit included two different size felting needles and a sturdy felting cushion.

You should also be careful not to start out felting with too much vigour as you might end up with a painful reminder not to do so in future.

Unfortunately for my bunny rabbit my mind was somewhere else and I soon realised that the felt creation I had started had other plans in who he wanted to be, so I just had to comply (this is completely normal being lead by some felted form..right?). In the end it turned out that my love for otters trumped my love for bunnies ... sorry bunnies.

And this was my end result:

Please bear in mind though that the kit had very clear instructions and pictures on how to make the actual cute bunny so you can't judge it by my otterly different result.

You can find the rabbit kit I used - HERE but I see there is now a very cute Thanksgiving Turkey one too.
Anyhow I hope this might encourage someone else to have a try at felting as it really is a lovely craft that sometimes looks a little daunting but is great fun once you just jump right in and not worry about how your earlier pieces look as long as it's enjoyed.